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The Nebbiolo is up for sale

The Nebbiolo is up for sale

Iconic Margaret River property built with SipForm panels is up for sale
July 14, 2022

We're thrilled to see the Nebbiolo hit the market. This is a SipForm built home and designed by the talented team at Odyssey Studios.

Thoughtfully designed and planned, every room has natural light and large, unconfined rooms featuring local and imported timber accents throughout.

Our living spaces play a vital role in ensuring our health and wellbeing, yet most people don't really realise this. Fortunately, the owners of 7 Nebbiolo have considered how to protect themselves from the outside elements whilst ensuring that the indoor environment is a healthy one. This is achieved with both low energy consumption and energy efficiency, and in turn made self-sufficient thanks to a brand new 12 kW solar array and 11 kW (plus) battery storage system. This, combined with a relatively small footprint, means less environmental impact and ongoing costs.

Well-sealed and constructed with SipForm panels and double glazing throughout, this enables superior heat and cold insulation as well as sound insulation. For healthy airflow and maintenance of ambient air temperature, there are heat recovery ventilators (HRVs) in the house and studio - these allow adequate ventilation in the well-sealed builds and work by removing any condensation and indoor pollutants thus ensuring good air quality.

You can view the property on Reiwa here

You can view more details of the project here

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