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The ease of building with
Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs)

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Green Building | SipForm

SipForm Benefits

•  A more comfortable, liveable home
•  Excellent sound absorbing properties
•  Architecturally inspired product
•  Healthy, non-allergenic environment
•  Precision engineered & fully installed
•  50+year lifespan, pest & mould resistant
•  Strong - earthquake & cyclone resistant
Eco Friendly Homes | SipForm

SipForm Savings

•  50% faster that normal construction
•  Less demand for trades & labour
•  Reduce transport & site deliveries
•  Minimises excavation & disturbance
•  Less delays from poor weather
•  30% less waste generation & disposal
•  Save up to 60% on energy costs
Green Building | SIPS Panels

For Builders & Designers

•  Be on trend with new technologies
•  Design & build energy efficient homes
•  Meet Bushfire & Cyclone requirements
•  Reduce your site costs & logistics
•  Reduce your waste disposal costs
•  Reduce the time spent on site
•  Be competitive in this growing market

Efficient in design

Efficient in design

Green Building | SipForm

Energy Efficiency

Featuring a full EPS core, this cutting-edge method of construction creates a fully insulated envelope to your home, allowing you control over comfort without total reliance on high cost air conditioning.

This core eliminates thermal connection between the internal and external face materials and the transfer of heat.
Eco Friendly Homes | SipForm

Building Efficiency

Precision manufacturing of all components offsite allows your home to be assembled quickly, efficiently and accurately onsite. This equates to significant time savings so the home can occupied sooner.

Through these efficiencies, SIPS are quickly replacing current labour and material intensive conventional construction.
Green Building | SIPS Panels

Material Efficiency

Thorough planning to utilise standard material sizes throughout, minimises off-cut, surplus or waste materials. This reduces impact on landfill, the environment and the home owner's pocket.

Modular homes and kit homes are becoming increasingly popular as they're efficient, sustainable and eco-friendly.

Resistant by design

Storm Resistant | SIPS Panels

Storm Resistant

Given our dynamic and changeable environment, it’s reassuring that through a completely bonded, secured and sealed envelope, resistance to severe storms or cyclones is easily achieved.

Choosing the right material finishes both internally and externally also assists in recovery of any home after flooding.
Fire Resistant | SIPS Panels

Fire Resistant

With the continued and elevated threat of bushfire, it makes sense that new technologies are adopted to safeguard the home. Several of our external finishing options prove robust in high risk locations.

The creation of a impervious envelope to the home eliminates ember instrusion in the event of bushfire attack.
Termite Resistant | SIPS Panels

Termite Resistant

Termites and wood borer species can prove costly. The use of resistant materials such as our steel combined jointing and tie down ensures your home wont suffer such costly consequences.

Through the right choice of facing materials, the normal processes of rotting, mold and weathering can almost be eliminated.