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Sustainable Homes Floor Panels
A solid underfoot feel is created through the bonding of a high density substrate direct atop the EPS core. Whilst the core itself creates a dampening effect on any noise from foot traffic or impact.

With the main structural spanning members being enveloped within the panel, large span distances are easily achieved. SipFloor creates a solid feel like that of a concrete slab, yet introduces a sub floor void allowing ventilation of warm moisture laden air to reduce rising heat and damp.


Sustainable Homes Wall Panels
Laminated and precision engineered in a controlled factory environment, SipWall panels are delivered flat packed to site. Their light weight allows for easier handling and fast erection.

Tight tolerances in manufacture ensure an accurate, airtight envelope is established so internal comfort can be tightly controlled. SipWall panels can be supplied in numerous finishes internally and externally to allow expression of your style by wall, by room or over clad to create features.


Sustainable Homes Roof Panels
Finishing our SipForm panel family, SipRoof panels integrate with the system to enclose the living space within a robust, impervious shell that is resistant to storms, bushfire and external noise.

By providing a high performance insulating barrier to the hot West Australian summer, the panels act as a true comfort layer. The panels also provide a barrier to noise that might normally pass through the roof void into adjacent rooms, providing acoustic privacy throughout the home.

The changing face of building

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MgO Board

Magnesium Oxide (MgO) board is becoming an increasingly popular choice in the building industry. The base material is fire, moisture, rot, mold and termite resistant. The board can be painted, rendered or coated in an array of textures.


Plywood has always been the premium choice in finishes. Plywood is resistance to pests and exhibits amazing structural properties. The availability of high quality veneers offers an almost limitless range of style and texture.

OSB Board

Commonly used in lower end SIP manufacture where a secondary finish cladding must be applied. The board can be used to create an interesting internal finish or as a base where the wall will support hung joinery.


A proprietary durable reconstituted wood cladding with incredible environmental credentials. Available in a range of smooth or natural finishes that can be oiled, painted or left untreated to age to a cedar style patina.


Another durable proprietary board that features incredible environmental credentials. Available in a range of smooth, grooved or textured finishes, all boards come pre-primed and ready for painting.

Fibre Cement

A product well known in the housing industry that has been tried and proven over decades. Suitable for use in internal wet areas, internal walls, internal and external ceilings. A board that is resistant to termites, rot and fire.
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SIPS optional wall panel properties

Super Cool Insulate

A high density EPS core providing high levels of internal comfort and outstanding insulation values. As our panels are designed to limit thermal bridging, the loss of cool temperatures from inside the home is minimised, whilst heat gain from outside similarly limited. Super Cool Insulate is used in all our SipRoof and SipFloor panels, with the option to upgrade to Super Cool Graphite in walls for a superior envelope to your whole home.

Super Cool Graphite

Graphite is proving to be the wonder material of the millennium. Each bead that that makes up the high density EPS core is coated in a film of graphite. By incorporating this technology within the panel, your home proves more comfortable and energy efficient. Incorporating Super Cool Graphite throughout walls costs less than a year's worth of energy costs, yet gives a return for decades.

Jointed to connect with design

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A joint treatment now commonly used in Architect designed homes to display a grid like format to the installed boards or panels. When coupled with careful panel layout, expressed jointing can create a very high end feel both internally and externally.


Creating a very refined higher end aesthetic to the exterior. The narrow expressed FRP rib helps define the panel joint. The choice finish where one wishes to reinforce the design's panelised construction as part of the overall aesthetic.


Inherited from the original Aussie beach house, and now becoming commonplace in the urban setting. Batten joints help to create texture and break up expansive walls. Additional battens can be introduced to reinforce or randomise this effect.