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Evolving to alternative building methods

Evolving to alternative building methods

Western Australian builders have had a long-standing love affair with double brick homes but times are changing
May 16, 2022

Western Australian builders have had a long-standing love affair with double brick homes.  While the majority of homes are still built this way in WA, the spotlight has now shifted to alternative, lightweight forms of construction.  This is particularly evident during the pandemic induced spike in demand and price alongside supply constraints on conventional building methods we are seeing.  

More well known lightweight construction methods such as timber framing have seen an unprecedented increase in demand which has seen customers search for methods like what we offer here at SipForm.

Our structural insulated panel system offers many of the benefits (and more) that timber framing can offer such as design flexibility, low maintenance, faster construction times and a more efficient building envelope.  In the current market, where customers are delayed by up to 16 weeks where they are waiting for bricklayers and materials.

Structural insulated panels and timber framing is considered a faster form of construction because there are varying degrees of prefabrication. For SipForm panels, every wall, floor and roof panel is manufactured off-site in our factory and delivered flat-packed to site where it can be quickly assembled quickly with little waste.  Our factory production system allows for millimetre perfect precision cuts which means less offcuts, less bins, cleaner and safer sites.

WA homes have been infamous for being very cold in winter and too hot in summer.  SipForm panels have an insulated EPS core which means the house keeps a far more stable internal temperature, reducing the need for air-conditioning.  Our homes can require up to 60% less energy to maintain a comfortable internal temperature compared to other forms of construction.

There is a strong uptake on alternative building methodologies by owner-builders as well as larger builders and developers.  The WA market is now evolving past just one form of construction for the next generation of homes.

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